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Debian packages

commitrc is a tool to put your /etc files (and the like) under cvs/svn.

logger can tail log file and send the content to syslog

authz-gen is a postcommit hook for svn to manage and delegate acls within a repository

revprop-change is a svn hook used to permit changing a svn commit comment while keeping the old comment.

mv-images, a perl script to mv images from their directory to $name-of-the-serie/$date.name-of-the-serie.$serial. main usage as gqview editor

jabber-agent, a mail(smtp) to jabber bridge, also a command line tool for sending jabber messages

app-get, app-get is a tool mean to be used with fvwm, to stick and unstick windows, with a key combination. app-get will grab any running application matching your criteria, and stick it so that you can see it. unstick it when it's useless.

cert_client_create.sh, a shell script to create client certificates. you have to have the parent certificate key and password

cert_server_selfsigned_create.sh, a shell script to create self-signed certificates.

webdav two require : read-only and read-write

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