Here are some packages in use here at 8d ; backported from testing/unstable to woody or sarge (debian stable) :
They will be updated if there is a security problem.
/etc/apt/source.list line "deb backport main"

apt-cacher (0.6)
bandwidthd-pgsql (2.0.1+cvs20050208)
bandwidthd (2.0.1+cvs20050208)
cpipe (3.0.0)
cvs-syncmail (1.2+cvs.2003.07.28)
iptables-dev (1.2.8)
iptables (1.2.8)
iptstate (1.3)
libio-multiplex-perl (1.04)
libnet-server-perl (0.85)
mb2md (3.10)
munin-node (1.0.4)
munin (1.0.4)
ntop (3.0)
stunnel4 (4.04.0)
tinc (1.0.3)

Here are some software packaged for debian testing/unstable :
/etc/apt/source.list line "deb experimental main"
how to get them (after the usual apt-get update) : apt-get install <package>/experimental or
apt-get install <package> -t experimental

bestfit (0.2.0)
fvwm (2.5.10)
fvwmtabs (2.8)
libx11-protocol-perl (0.52)
tinc (1.0.4)

Link to the repository

Notes on fvwmtabs :
the example config is /usr/share/doc/fvwmtabs/fvwmtabrc.gz
Gunzip it to your home to .fvwmtabrc , include it in your fvwm config (.fvwmrc or so) with 'Read /home/joe/.fvwmtabrc' (replacing joe by your username)

fvwmtabs does not look for any configuration file, it's a fvwm module, and as such, config must be included in your fvwm config.

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(of course, you have to replace blob's with dots ;-)