app-get is a tool mean to be used with fvwm, to stick and unstick windows, with a key combination. app-get will grab any running application matching your criteria, and stick it so that you can see it. unstick it when it's useless.

so for example you have your instant messaging software running, but you don't want it in your screen all the time, taking real space for nothing. so it's on another desktop. to reach it, you could go the said desktop ; or you could grab it via app-get. it would appear on your current desktop and vanish when you don't need it anymore.


app-get 'Buddy List'

app-get -g 'Straw' (will grep xwininfo -root -tree) (means : will find *Straw*)

in your .fvwm2rc config file, put :

 Key F4 A N  Piperead "app-get 'Buddy List'"
# optional :
Key F4 A S  Piperead "app-get -r 'Buddy List'"

app-get -r 'Buddy List' to reload in case the window has changed

auto-reload : if you call app-get more twice within 2 sec, it reload the id (you press twice as if it wasn't working, so app-get assumes the app id is lost)





2006.09.27 : v 1.4 need to hit 3 times in 4 sec instead of 2 times in 2 sec (handy if you often flip back and forth apps)


if multiple match, bring them all. (ie the same app is running multiple time)

if multiple get, bring them all (multiple arguments to grab related windows : xmms and xmix)

focus the windows (done)

after the stick, check if the window exists (in background) otherwise look for it (bg too)